Quality departments

This is how ecratum helps your quality department:

  • Get suppliers qualified (collect supplier questionnaires) regularly and easily (eg according to IFS requirements)
  • Have the entire supplier area auditable when undergoing audits (ISO22000, IFS, BRC)

Purchasing departments

This is how ecratum helps your purchasing/ procurement department:

  • Get suppliers profiled and qualified
  • Have all contacts and their data of all your important suppliers always at hand
  • Work with your supplier groups
    Goals to be achieved by both quality and purchasing departments

    This is how ecratum supports both quality and purchasing:

    • Evaluate supplier performance regularly
    • Orderly supplier approval process
    • Manage supplier complaints
    • Manage agreements and contracts with all your suppliers
    • Some examples from our supplier questionnaires:

      • Specialties (logistics) and manufacturing capabilities
      • Adherence to and implementation of industry standards (eg HACCP)
      • QM systems and certifications
      • Information on sustainability/ CSR
      • Information on environmental/ social standards

    Supplier documents

    Request all the standard certification documents from your suppliers such as:

    • IFS certificate
    • ISO 14001 certificate
    • ISO 9001 certificate
    • ISO 22000 certificate
    • Kosher certificate

    Request all the supplier or location based documentation such as:

    • Organigram
    • Insurance documentation
    • Factory floor plans
    • Food Defense Documentation (new requirement in IFS Version 6)




    Raw material documentation/ Product related documentation

    Collect and store all raw material / product related documents and show them to suppliers to validate regularly:

    • Product specifications
    • Allergene declarations
    • Animal parts statements
    • GMO statements

    Collect, store and have suppliers regularly re-validate all material related documentation regarding packaging, labelling, caps etc.:

    • Packaging: z. B. Labelling, pallets, foils: Declarations of conformity, migration documentation
    • Customs documents: Declarations of origin/ Long term supplier declarations. Important for all business that export. The ecratum process is recognized by national customs authorities.
    • Dangerous goods: Security data sheets, handling and storing documentation

    Document, store and analyze complaints easily and manage completely via ecratum.


    • Damaged goods
    • Damaged packaging
    • Under delivery
    • Delayed delivery
    • Unloading delay
    • Problem on the line due to supplier delivery
    • Quality problems
    • Foreing bodies in delivered goods
    • Missing documentation
    Agreements and Contracts

    Manage all your agreements and contracts with your suppliers easily and quickly:

    • Delivery conditions agreement
    • Purchasing conditions
    • Contracts
    • Maintenance contracts
    • Quality agreements
    Further issues

    Further issues you that this industry manages via ecratum:

    • Machine documentation
    • Minimum wage agreements with suppliers
    • Technical specification
    • Processing lines documentation
    • Supplier support documentation
    • Technical manuals
    • Technical drawings
    Give your supplier relationships a boost!