Suppliers & Contacts Suppliers & Contacts
Contact data always up-to-date

Using ecratum, you never have to worry about outdated phone numbers, mail addresses and other important contact information of your suppliers. Your suppliers will update their profiles and contact data themselves.

Each company profile includes an overview of all important information and a short report of their tasks.

Module overview - Suppliers & Contacts (PDF)

Suppliers & Contacts
Supplier Documentation
Supplier Documentation Supplier Documentation
Company-related documentation done by your suppliers

Remember all the emails you receive with your ISO, BRC and similar certificates attached? With ecratum, your suppliers will themselves enter how they are qualified and renew each certification document on their own - you can even specify your documentation per supplier location!

No need to follow up via phone or e-mail any longer, ecratum also automatically sends reminders.

Module overview - Supplier Documentation (PDF)

Product Documentation Product Documentation
Automate your product documentation

You need to collect and track a large amount of product-related documentation from all your suppliers but the process quickly gets tedious and time consuming.

With ecratum, let your suppliers re-validate all product and packaging documentation at defined intervals. Increase the transparency of your product documentation for audits and production needs by automating your product document requests, simplifying the traceability of your products and enhance the overall product documentation visibility.

Module overview - Product Documentation (PDF)

Product Documentation
Corrective Actions
Corrective Actions Corrective Actions
Tracking complaints has never been easier

With ecratum, standardize problems monitoring and easily track the quality of all delivered goods.

You can set up individual corrective actions, document them with reports or pictures and track them until the final report of your supplier. ecratum offers an easy and powerful tool for a continuous corrective action tracking with your suppliers.

Module overview - Corrective Actions (PDF)

Supplier Audits Supplier Audits
Stress-free follow-ups on your suppliers and internal audits

After an external audit,you have to track follow-ups and monitor your suppliers’ efforts for positive change.

ecratum lets you handle this smoothly, reminding suppliers about their tasks and deadlines. The follow-up on your factory audits is made much easier by allowing comments and attached documents on the audit card.

Module overview - Supplier Audits (PDF)

Supplier Audits
Contracts & Agreements
Contracts & Agreements Contracts & Agreements
Easily manage all agreements with your suppliers

Simplify the legal paperwork and contracts exchanged with your suppliers via ecratum.

Suppliers can confirm agreement validity by uploading the finalized documents or accept accept your agreement/ Contract document with one click. Our platform supports internal comments and versions management.

Module overview - Contracts & Agreements (PDF)

Supplier Evaluation Supplier Evaluation
Supplier evaluations made easy

Evaluating your suppliers via spreadsheets was yesterday. Working with ecratum you simply define your evaluation criteria, your individual rating scale plus your evaluation frequency and off you go: your suppliers will receive their evaluation and can give feedback.

This way you can easily observe each supplier evolution and decide on the next steps. Time-consuming distribution to all suppliers and feedback collection is a thing of the past.

Module overview - Supplier Evaluation (PDF)

Supplier Evaluation
Supplier Approval
Supplier Approval Supplier Approval
Approval processes well organized

Your quality and purchasing departments are in on everything right from the start. They can separately approve suppliers and send internal information to improve departments coordination. The approval can be limited in time with automatic reminders or access restriction.

Every activity is documented and traceable in the supplier log in case of an audit.

Module overview - Supplier Approval (PDF)

Supplier Profiles Supplier Profiles
Set up your supplier profile with questionnaire

Questionnaires support you in the selection of new suppliers, the maintaining and growing of existing supplier relationships. Create your individual questionnaire by selecting from our question catalog and collect all important information from your suppliers.

Supplier profiles will display all information you requested and documents exchanged on the platform.

Module overview - Supplier profiles (PDF)

Supplier Profiles
Trader & Producer
Trader & Producer Trader & Producer
Manage your indirect supplier relationships

ecratum’s platform helps you to request, collect and administrate the documentation sent by wholesalers.

Keeping an overview on your indirect supplier relationships has never been easier. For greater visibility, your wholesalers producers are labelled in your supplier overview and in the direct search. You can also find in each wholesaler profile and the different producers related to them.

Give your supplier relationships a boost!