Is ecratum secure?

ecratum uses a 256-bit SSL encryption, the standard encryption technology used for instance in online banking. This means that all the data that is transferred between your computer or your suppliers computer and ecratum as well as between your suppliers and ecratum, is well protected. Moreover, ecratum takes numerous measures to protect the data of customers and suppliers alike because the safety of your data is our most important good.

How difficult is it to get ecratum up and running?

You can invite your suppliers to ecratum and exchange documents with them immediately after registering a company account. All you need to do can be done quickly and easily by yourself.

Do I have to use everything in ecratum at once?

You can invite suppliers and exchange documents with them, whenever you have time. If you find out that you have forgotten something, just ask for it later.

Do I need consultants?

No, you can start using ecratum completely yourself, you have enough knowledge to work on ecratum. If you still have any questions, there is an easy-to-understand and detailed help database available for you.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is only available in the German Data Center and is subject to the strict German Data Privacy Law.

Can I access my data at any time?

Yes, all your data is available at any time. In addition, you can customize backups any time.

Why is ecratum offered only as a web-based software?

Today software can be much cheaper than before because it is ​​available via the Internet. That is why, we provide ecratum only via the Internet: to offer our customers more value for less money.

How to respond to my suppliers on ecratum ?

Of course, there is a change when your supplier provides you data and documents on ecratum for the first time. We have years of experience so far with our software - always with the thought in mind: "Does it work for the suppliers as well?"

The results speak for themselves: Today over 5,000 companies from around the world already use ecratum and this number is growing every day.

When I start ecratum, do I start an IT project?

Normally you have to do the following when you buy a conventional software and automatically start an IT project in purchasing or quality department:


  • you must select a provider
  • describe your requirements and actual processes yourself or with the help of consultants
  • adjust expensive software to your needs in the long term
  • test profoundly if everything works
  • validate the software
  • launch and
  • train all users extensively

ecratum works differently. It is not an IT project. Why?


  1. ecratum is ready for use immediately.
  2. ecratum can be introduced into your organisation at once or step-by-step, if required.
  3. Invite your suppliers one by one for further collaboration, set your requirements later on as required.
  4. ecratum can be initiated by you and your team without any consultance needed. (Of course, you can engage us or our partners for the introduction, if you wish).
  5. Due to years of work and lots of feedback from our users, that we have taken into consideration, we could perfectly optimize ecratum and adapt it to the needs of our users. That makes ecratum totally simple and free from training to use.

That is why, the introduction of ecratum takes only a few days and costs very little money. This allows you to turn to your daily business without any delay.

Why does ecratum only bill by the number of suppliers you are managing in your account and not by the number of user accounts?

We learned that many departments of our clients want to use data from ecratum. This is why you can invite all your colleagues to ecratum who need access - even if this should take place only once a year - without additional cost. Some examples:


  • Accounts payable
  • Incoming goods
  • Export department
  • Logistics department
  • Production department

Also, your suppliers can add an unlimited number of users to their accounts - they may have some information which you need.

Give your supplier relationships a boost!