360report develops and distributes web-based software solutions (SaaS) for the management and reporting on corporate sustainability. With 360report companies create certifiable reports in accordance with international standards within a few days, saving up to 80% of time and costs. The software translates complex reporting standards in an intuitive input structure and enables a fully automated reporting at a keystroke. Industry-, supplier- and customer-specific standards can be integrated easily due to the open software architecture.

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NETSTOCK - inventory management and optimisation for SMEs

NETSTOCK complements your ERP / materials management and helps to minimise the stock-outs up to 50 % and increase the deliverability up to 20%. Netstock is a web - based solution. You benefit from speedy implementation (in 1 week), ease of use (easy to learn, quick to use) and affordable price (implementation for less than 5,000 €, incl. training and support).

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Safefood-online is a database presenting the risk to food safety and developed to support risk management in the food industry. The information from the database are supplied by the RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) and other available and trustworthy sources. Safefood online does not only collect data of risks in food industry, but also offers a detailed analysis and evaluation of the data (f.e. a HACCP export for raw materials) along with the corresponding contact data. Thus they provide helpful information to estimate the risks and potential consequences of each case. The database is constantly updated and collects information for the food and feeding industries.

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