About ecratum

What we do

ecratum provides a business-to business platform that helps manufacturers of various industries to manage their interactions with customers and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

Centered around Supplier Relationship Management and Customer Service Management, ecratum offers a multitude of Software-as-a-Service tools that can be set up quickly and inexpensively. ecratum serves small and large customers alike and can be used by anyone with internet access and a browser in no time.

Today, over 25.000 companies from more than 80 countries are working with ecratum.

Our mission

To give small & medium sized manufacturers & traders power over their supplier and customer relationships.

ecratum exists to assist manufacturing people in getting their tedious and time-consuming tasks done so they can focus on their most critical tasks.

By doing so, we help manufacturers be more efficient, decrease risk and gain competitive advantage.

Our vision

To create a large B2B network based on B2B relationships.

Our founders

Rüdiger Schulze

Rüdiger started his career in the mid-nineties at KPMG, where he acquired strong finance skills during his 6 years with the company. As a managing director of several companies at ProSiebenSat.1-Group , he developed different business concepts in digital media and transactions, before founding SPOX.com in 2007, today a successful sport news portal. He then made several successful investments and company formations in e-commerce before founding ecratum GmbH in 2013 with Christian.

Christian Alsen

Christian started his career at the end of the nineties at Hubert Burda Media. For them he established a software development company in Russia. Later, he worked as an independent consultant for IT and software companies, advising them on software marketing and business development. For several years, Christian worked in SAP and SAS environments as a consultant and business developer. In 2005, he developed the idea for a Supplier Relationship Management platform to help manufacturers get their supplier relationships under control. He founded ecratum GmbH in 2013 with Rüdiger.

Our story

ecratum was founded in 2013 in Berlin by Christian Alsen and Rüdiger Schulze.

The founders wanted to address the administrative challenge that Quality and Purchasing departments at SMBs are facing when dealing with supplier relationships.

It became clear that developing a platform to make document and data exchange between businesses and their suppliers easy and safe, while saving time and money, was necessary - and so ecratum was born.

Over the years, ecratum grew from a document management tool to an international B2B network where new business partners are found and deals are made.

ecratum consists of 20+ employees from around the globe, serving customers internationally from the Berlin headquarters.