Frequently Asked Questions: Customer Complaints

Since Customer Service Teams have to resolve customer complaints and respond to them as a significant part of their daily activities, ecratum built Customer Complaints which enables them to receive complaints from customers about products and services provided to them. The benefits that you will get from Customer Complaints:

  • Offering your customers a place to send complaint tickets to your customer service team.
  • Managing all incoming tickets in a central place.
  • Improving your customer satisfaction by ensuring a quick and transparent support process to deal with complaints.

When the feature is activated, you will be given a customized Complaint Portal and a new entry on your sidebar called Complaint Ticket Status. Follow the given steps to work with Customer Complaints:

  • Distribute the link of your Complaint Portal to your customers.
  • Let your customers send complaint ticket to you.
  • Review the received complaint ticket through your Inbox or Complaint Ticket Status page.
  • Leave a comment to the ticket or mark it as resolved.

In order to send a complaint ticket to you, your customers need to have an ecratum account. When they are given the link of your Complaint Portal, they can log in to ecratum through it or create an ecratum account for free.

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