Frequently Asked Questions: Knowledge Base

Building your Knowledge Base can be done easily in two main steps:

  • Create topics and folders inside of it
  • Add articles to folders

You can work on your articles in two status:

  • Published: If you publish an article, it will be visible to anyone with an ecratum account that is given the link of your Knowledge Base.
  • Draft: An article that you saved in the draft version will be visible to only you. The readers of your Knowledge Base will have no access to see it.

Adding more users to your team is easy. Just go to the Plan Manager section of your account and buy more seats for your plan.

To share the Knowledge Base that you built with your customers, copy the link of your Knowledge Base which is located in the main view of Knowledge Base. To quick copy and paste, you can click on Copy To Clipboard button and the link of your Knowledge Base will be copied. You can now share that link with your customers through your preferred channel. The articles that you published will be available to be read by your customers in your public Knowledge Base.

Your customers need an ecratum account to read through your Knowledge Base. When you share the link of your Knowledge Base, your customers will have a Log In/Sign Up View when the link is clicked. If they are already using ecratum, they just need to log in and can start reading through your Knowledge Base. If they do not have an ecratum account yet, they can create an ecratum account for free and then can have the access to view your Knowledge Base.

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