Frequently Asked Questions: PDoc Share

As a Customer Service Person, a large part of your daily routine is sending and managing Product Documentation like Technical Specifications, Data Sheets, Conformity Documentation etc. to your customers. Imagine, you had a tool that:

  • enables you to share your product documentation easily and quickly with your customers
  • notifies your customers about changes automatically. ecratum PDoc Share does all this

First, you create your product documentation space on ecratum

Step 1: Upload Product Documentation PDFs

Step 2: Edit Documents to Share; add language, document type and product

After that, you are ready to share your product documentation with your customers.

Use “Customer Access” to connect with companies already on ecratum and also to invite customers who are not yet using ecratum.

Adding more users to your team is easy. Just go to the Plan Manager section of your account and buy more seats for your plan.

Your customers can view and download all the documentation you shared with them.

They can also subscribe to product information they are interested in. Once you make an update to your shared product documentation that your customer is subscribed to, they will be notified of your changes.

You can update your shared documentation at anytime! To do this just choose the Product Documentation you want to update and click on 'Replace' under the Action button. Customers that are subscribing will get notified about the change you have made.

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