Frequently Asked Questions

ecratum is a platform built to support Business-to-Business interactions, especially for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses around the world. Read “About ecratum” Business-to-Business interactions.

Yes! ecratum uses a 256-bit SSL encryption, the standard encryption technology used for online banking and other instances of sensitive information. This means that all data transfer among you, your suppliers and ecratum is well protected. Moreover, ecratum takes numerous measures to protect the data of customers and suppliers alike because the safety of your data is our our priority.

Your data is only available in the German Data Center and is subject to strict German Data Privacy Law. You can access you data any time and feel confident that it is protected by high security and legal standards.

No. Compared to building an in-house system, you do not need to hire consultants, or spend an immense amount of capital on software adjustments and extensive user training. ecratum works differently because:

  • Our software is ready for immediate use
  • ecratum can be introduced at once or step-by-step
  • Invite your suppliers as soon as you register and set your further requirements later on
  • ecratum can be easily set up by you, unless you’d like to engage one of our partners to help you get going
  • No prior user training required