FAQ: Using ecratum as a Supplier

Please contact our Customer Success team via email support@ecratum.com in order to receive personalized help regarding any issues with ecratum.

If there is an issue on a technical side of completing a task, please feel free to contact our Customer Success team. They will guide you through completion of your task in the most effective and efficient way possible, so that your company can proceed with your daily workflow.

However, if a particular issue lies in the content or an objection to the use of ecratum to complete a received task, please contact your respective customer. Your customer is the point of contact for business related issues, as they are the ones who are sending tasks for completion.

Your company received an invitation because your customer has chosen to streamline their workflow by using our app. Utilizing ecratum provides you and your customer an ability to communicate, network and exchange company and product information on one secure platform. Registration for an ecratum account for your company is completely free of charge.