ecratum is the simplest SRM tool in the world.
Made with love & dedication in Berlin, Germany.
At ecratum, we are fueled by the praise we receive from our customers and their suppliers alike.
ecratum is a pioneer, making reliable supplier relationships affordable for millions of businesses all over the world.
We packaged all the huge problems into neat little boxes so that our users can handle them easily.
We feel the power should be in the hands of the users. So ecratum should get out of the way as much as possible.
About ecratum
What is ecratum and what drives team ecratum

What does ecratum do?

ecratum offers professional Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) for companies of all sizes and industries. ecratum was founded in 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

As a web based Software-as-a-Service solution, ecratum serves small and large customers alike.

We enhance quality, take away risk out of the supplier relationships and save up to 50% of process costs.

Today, 15.000 companies from more than 80 countries are working with ecratum. 

Why is it so relevant?

TODAY in most companies:

Suppliers deliver documents & data to their customers in chaos mode.

WITH ecratum:

Orderly supplier relationships, thus 50% cost reduce & risk reduce

Any company can afford it, speedy implementation, no training required

Why does ecratum say "Love Your Supplier"?

Think about your supplier:

  • Your Supplier contributes to your product quality – or to your risk profile
  • Your supplier can save you lots of money - or cost you lots of money
  • Your supplier is very valuable for you and needs to be loved.

ecratum makes it easy to spread this love to your suppliers! Contact us for more information on ecratum.

Contact us for more information on ecratum.



Give your supplier relationships a boost!