ecratum provides you with the capability to effectively communicate with your business partners to achieve optimal clarity and transparency.

By transitioning away from manual management of all product-related tasks, you will be able to save time and labor resources while maximizing the efficiency of daily workflows.


When you receive an invitation from your business partner to join ecratum, you will be able to collaborate with them right away. In order to figure out how you can start working on ecratum, you can check out the following articles:

To take a glance at how ecratum App looks like: Overview of ecratum App

To learn about how you can collaborate with your business partners: How can I collaborate with my business partners on ecratum?

To learn how to reply to tasks sent by your customers: How can I reply to tasks?

To learn how to upload multiple product document tasks with a single file upload: How can I use MultiUpload?

To learn how you can work with questionnaire tasks sent by your customers: How Can I Reply To Questionnaire Tasks?

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